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Are you considering a lighting system upgrade at your commercial facility? Have you been studying LEDs and wonder what benefits they’d bring to your facility? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that any old electrical contractor or lighting distributor is the answer. While they are certainly more informed than most, what you need is an energy efficient lighting expert. They will save you a lot of time, money, and energy. After all, you’ve got more important things to do. Here are the top five reasons to hire an energy efficiency lighting expert.


(1) They Are Experts in Energy Efficiency

You know your business better than anyone. You would never allow someone who hasn’t been trained or had the experience in your business tell you how to run your business. Why? Becauseyou are the expert on your business. So why not hire someone who knows energy efficient lighting better than you so you can benefit from their expertise? Odds are, no matter how much you know about energy efficient lighting, an experienced energy efficient lighting expert will know much more and can help you in ways you never would have considered.


(2) They Know the Pitfalls of Technology Fads

It seems like there is a new energy efficient lighting technology that comes out every month. Your business isn’t to know and understand those new technologies. Your job is to run your business and make it successful. An experienced energy efficient lighting expert can help navigate the confusing waters of energy technology and LED lighting, giving you peace of mind.


(3) They Have Access to Other Experts

A true energy efficient lighting expert will readily understand the need to bring in other technology experts to help consult on projects. While his or her expertise may be in lighting, an energy efficient lighting expert should be able to bring in an HVAC expert if needed to prevent unintended consequences on project implementation. This synergy with other experts can save you money 3, 5, and 10 years from now.


(4) Their Goals Are Your Goals

There is a BIG difference in hiring an energy efficient lighting expert versus hiring a run-of-the-mill electrical contractor or a lighting distributor. As a CFO, CEO, Facility Director, or Business Owner, you are tasked with the job to make sure money is spent wisely. An energy efficient lighting expert is only interested in saving you money. Period. His or her income comes from energy saved, not products sold. Sharing this goal pays dividends.


(5) They Pay for Themselves

Running your business is hard. There is wisdom in using expert advisers for counsel on how best to operate your company. An energy efficient lighting expert can partner with you for the duration of your business’ lifetime. An energy efficient lighting expert should bring a net gain to your bottom line, making his or her services essentially free. For example, hiring an energy efficient lighting expert at $50,000 to consult on a major project sounds expensive, but when the energy efficient lighting expert is able to show you how to save $200,000 annually for the next ten years, that $50,000 expense turns into an investment with a 300% ROI.



Jason Duncan is CEO of Energy Lighting Services, an energy efficient lighting company whose sole focus is helping commercial customers save the maximum amount of money possible on operating expenses related to lighting systems. Since 2010, their Energy Efficient Lighting Experts have worked with companies all over North America to consult on energy efficient lighting systems. Their specialty is LED lighting retrofits and smart lighting controls. Contact them at www.EnergyLightingServices.com or 855.270.3300.