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“Future Vision Energy” Expands their Brand to Become “Energy Lighting Services”


Future Vision Energy is expanding their brand and will change their name to Energy Lighting Services. Future Vision Energy was founded in 2010 as an energy efficiency consulting and project management company. Historically, Future Vision Energy only worked with existing commercial buildings to retrofit their existing lighting systems to LEDs for the purpose of saving energy and saving money. During the first five years they were in business, they successfully completed four of the world’s largest LED retrofits. The company is now changing their name and expanding their services to meet the demands of the commercial lighting market. Their new brand name will be Energy Lighting Services. In addition to LED retrofits, Energy Lighting Services will also be designing and installing new commercial building lighting systems and offering lighting maintenance programs for commercial buildings. (continued….)

Jason Duncan founded the company in 2010 and Mike Henry joined him as a partner in 2011. Duncan and Henry want to inform their current customer base and vendors that while they are re-branding, they are not changing the way they serve their current customers–they are simply adding services. In addition to this, prospective customers need to know and understand that Energy Lighting Services–while a new brand–is not a new company. The company is seven years old this year. The new brand name reflects their commitment to the most efficient commercial lighting system designs, installations, and maintenance programs.

Today, under their new brand name, they will build upon and expand their expertise to include additional services such as commercial lighting system maintenance where they replace, repair, and maintain existing lighting systems. In addition, they will begin offering commercial lighting system installation services–whether retrofits or new installations. Finally, they will be offering professional lighting system design services for new commercial buildings. Simply put, Energy Lighting Services will specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining the most energy efficient commercial lighting systems available to save their customers money on energy expenses and reduce maintenance costs related to their lighting systems.

Energy Lighting Services’ team is composed of energy efficiency consultants, LED lighting experts, lighting architects, project managers, and energy analysts. The ultimate mission of Energy Lighting Services is to save their valued clients the maximum amount of money possible on their electricity expenditures through the effective use of energy efficient lighting systems. When it comes to their specialty, the company helps businesses retrofit to LED lighting systems without spending any money out of pocket. Their sister company, H&D Capital Partners, can provide 100% funding for almost any lighting project. Their “Lighting as a Service” (LaaS) funding model allows businesses to fund lighting projects through a cash-flow-positive agreement without needing to take out a loan or sign a lease.

The top benefit of working with Energy Lighting Services is that they provide turn-key solutions for anything related to commercial lighting. In terms of funding, installation, project management, and custom-tailored products, Energy Lighting Services can greatly help and assist their customers. Their rebranding with the new logo will be rolled out slowly over the next 90 days. Future Vision Energy is a great brand that has helped save millions of dollars in energy and maintenance expenses since 2010. Energy Lighting Services will carry that success into the future. They strive hard and work together to guarantee all their customers that they will receive the best service and products for the money invested. Visit their website today to know and learn more about their additional services.

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To learn more, please check out www.energylightingservices.com. For inquiries, please contact them at 844-GO-FUTURE or send an email at jason@elsco.org.