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Wendy Swaby is the administrator at Indian Lake Peninsula Church [ILPC] in Hendersonville, Tennessee. She hired Energy Lighting Services to replace all of their existing interior and exterior lighting so they could be more user friendly and energy efficient. Her goal was for the facility to meet the high demands of the community, coming and going on a weekly basis.

ILPC offers much more for the community than just Sunday mornings. They are committed to the next generation, offering younger children, middle school, and high school kids opportunities throughout the week.

“Partnering with parents is our goal!” said Swaby. “Whether providing a preschool program or after-school program throughout the week, we are committed to the next generation and their parents!”

The church was established in 1969 and the original facility was built in 1974. Wendy received a call from an ELS lighting consultant on a day she says the frustration and need for change couldn’t be ignored any longer.

“Brett Farley is a great combination of personable and knowledgeable and it was with him we began our journey with ELS.”

Her goal for the project was to update all of their existing lighting to LEDs to reduce replacement costs and the time management cost of coordinating volunteers.

“The challenge for non-profits is our budgets are tight. If something is not budgeted there typically are no resources to make it happen. Yet, we were able to find energy efficient savings to help off-set the cost of replacement of all existing lighting.”

Swaby says that once she began her relationship with ELS, they helped her identify other areas of improvement and provided solutions, such as additional exterior lighting for safety around the facility.

Swaby says that her goals were met 100 percent.

“We knew we had a problem with fixtures and ballast repair on a continuous basis, but were not aware of companies like ELS providing a turn key solution to our challenges… We are using the savings to pay for this enormous project almost completely by the savings on electricity alone.”

Swaby also appreciated the fact that ELS managed every aspect of the project with professionalism.

“From the initial sales call to the follow up from the Chief Happiness Officer to introduce themselves as my new point person and everything in between, the sales team and others provided an amazing presentation educating us to where our savings will be and how this happens, assuring us of our savings upon replacement of our existing lighting to LEDs.”

Swaby said that the most notable part of this project was having no more flickering light bulbs, and lights just working properly in general.

“No more dark areas in hallways, classrooms or outside the facility. Those in the office are happier which translates into a more productive team of people!”

Swaby says she would recommend working with ELS without hesitation.

“Serving as the administrator over the last 15 years in the same facility I have had the opportunity to work with many different vendors. ELS has set a high bar, from sales people, customer service, technical support, design services and follow up. It was a pleasure working with ELS, they could teach all of us something about service.”