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Across the nation, we develop and professionally manage turnkey energy efficient LED projects specific to our customers’ needs.

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4 Reasons to invest in efficiency

Going Green Saves Green

Energy efficiency is the best way to reduce costs and increase profits. Cutting energy use by 20% is like increasing the bottom line by 5%. Studies show that every $1 spent on energy efficiency projects yields $2.84 in savings over the life of the project. Our customers have seen millions is savings.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Technological advances have improved the energy efficiency of many building systems by as much as 30%-60%, resulting in lower utility bills and reduced environmental impacts, often without sacrificing quality or comfort. Using less energy reduces emissions of carbon dioxide, air-borne mercury, and other harmful pollutants from power plants that burn fewer fossil fuels to meet the lower energy demand.

Keeping Pace with Your Competition

Your peers are getting greener, so why aren’t you? From industrial giants to the shop next door, business owners are getting on board with energy efficiency. More than 100 leading industrial firms, from 3M to Whirlpool, have committed to reduce their energy intensity by 25% in the next 10 years. It’s the best way to save money, reduce risk and maintain a competitive edge, even in the most challenging economic environments.

Increased Employee Productivity

People prefer to work in energy-efficiency buildings designed to provide fresh air, daylight and a greater sense of control over airflow, temperature, and lighting levels. Studies show that productivity increases by 3%-5% and sick days decrease by 20%-25% when energy efficiency measures are implemented. Even small improvements in employee health and productivity can have substantial financial impacts, potentially much larger than operational energy savings from building retrofits.

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