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Energy Efficiency Funding

Zero Out-of-Pocket Funding.

Increase cash flow from day one.

One of the unique attributes of Energy Lighting Services is our ability to offer our customers a zero out-of-pocket solution to their energy efficiency needs. Every project is different and every customer has unique situations, but in most cases Energy Lighting Services will fund the entire project for the customer. Our services are guaranteed to save you money. Literally!

Funding & Incentives

Energy Savings Guarantee

You have nothing to lose!

We offer an Energy Savings Guarantee (ESG) backed by a leading worldwide A.M. Best A+ rated insurer! This guarantees that you will save the energy we predict (or more). If for some reason the savings do not materialize as a result of the project, the ESG provides an insurance policy that will pay you the difference in cash! What do you have to lose?

If you are spending at least $5,000 per month on electricity, you may qualify for a zero out-of-pocket expense project!

How Does It Work?

  • A portion of the money you currently spend on your electricity can be redirected to fund the cost of the project.
  • Most projects are paid for in under three years.
  • Use the savings to pay for the project, then once it is paid for, your bottom line increases significantly.
  • You are ALREADY spending the money that could be used to go green and save energy. Why not start spending it wisely today so you can have more tomorrow?

Most projects are paid for in under three years!

Low Interest Financing

We partner with national lenders who specialize in energy efficiency lending.

Most of our lenders collaborate with regional energy producers, state departments of energy, and national and local banks. These loan programs provide businesses with flexible, below market rate loans to help implement projects that reduce energy use, improve cash flow and provide a new opportunity for growth.

Receive a complimentary energy efficient lighting consultation for your facility. It all begins with a 30-minute discovery call either on the phone or at your office.


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