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You may already be aware that we are the nation’s fastest-growing privately held LED retrofitting company. (We were #1304 overall on the Inc. 5000 list for 2018.) You may also know how passionate we are about providing a world class customer experience, and that we also offer both commercial and residential electrical services in the Nashville market. We strive to help people and businesses live and operate at their highest potential, and lightbulbs are only the beginning.

Our customers don’t only get the benefits of better, more efficient lighting, they also get access to hundreds of other companies, executives, and non-profits with which to do business and partner.

Since 2010 when we launched, we set out to be a company that treated others the way we wanted to be treated, following the Golden Rule taught by Jesus. In pursuit of that goal, we try to be open and sharing with our industry and business contacts. We truly believe that knowing the right people leads to success, so we want to make sure that our customers get access to our extensive network so they can achieve greater results. So who exactly do you get access to when you become a customer of Energy Lighting Services?

Our Customers

We have over 100 customers across many different industries: education, warehousing, distribution, healthcare, hospitals, office and retail, and commercial real estate. You may need a new roof or new office equipment–we can help with that by introducing you to our customers who are in that space. Most of our customers are very open and willing to allow us to connect them with our other customers. Obviously, we always ask permission before making those introductions.

Chambers of Commerce

We are proud members of the Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce and the Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce. These are among two of Tennessee’s most active Chambers, providing networking and community-building events all throughout Sumner County, Tennessee. Their membership includes the likes of many national companies who are based in Sumner County as well as hundreds of small- to medium-sized businesses eager to do business with people like you. Not only that, but these local Chambers also boast members who hold many different elected positions all over city, county, state, and even federal levels.


cityCURRENT is a privately-funded catalyst working to power the good in the Mid-South and Middle Tennessee. A team of more than 130 businesses, comprised of some of the largest employers in the world to mid-size and smaller firms, have joined forces and funds to make a difference through philanthropy and volunteerism, hosting more than 150 free community events each year, and producing an array of positive-oriented media. We are proud partners of cityCURRENT in Nashville and Memphis.

Coach Micheal Burt

Coach Micheal Burt believes that everybody needs a coach in life, but not just any coach, a Super Coach – a unique blend of intensity and mindset of a former championship coach combined with an entrepreneurial skill set. Through his deep methodology of inner-engineering people to win, his championship coaching acumen, and his versatility to connect with both blue collar and white collar industries, Coach Burt has quickly become one of the most sought out motivators and hottest business coaches in the world. Every month, we host a special event with Coach Burt’s team at our Hendersonville office. These monthly events bring in partners of Coach Burt’s from all over the United States: business owners, millionaires, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals who just might be looking for someone who does what you do.

Real Estate Investors of Nashville (REIN)

REIN is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing leadership, education, and collaboration in the ethical practices of real estate investing for the greater Nashville community. Every month, the multifamily investors focus group meets in our Hendersonville Training Center to learn more about the profession of investing in real estate. Facilitated by Dave Childers of Residential Investment Advisors, this focus group brings together some of the areas top real estate investors, realtors, bankers, and venture capitalists. Perhaps you’d like to meet some of these folks? You can if you’re a customer of Energy Lighting Services.

Other Professional Organizations

We are also members of the following professional organizations. These memberships provide us with access to some of the most influential and knowledgable professionals in their respective industries. As a result of our association with them, we allow access to them for all of our customers.

  • IFMA (International Facility Management Association)
  • HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association)
  • THA (Tennessee Hospital Association)
  • IES (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America)
  • USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council)
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Quarterly Roundtables

Beginning as a new initiative in 2019, we will begin hosting quarterly roundtables in our office as a way to help increase opportunities for the organizations and people listed above to network and deepen their industry knowledge. These roundtables will be facilitated by our CEO, Jason Duncan, and will cover a specific topic each quarter (e.g. facility management best practices, advanced bookkeeping tips, tax advice, etc.) These roundtable events will be excellent opportunities for you not only to learn some valuable information but also for you to rub elbows with some other people of interest.

So, as you can see, there is a lot more benefit to becoming a customer of ELS than just reducing your energy bills by 25-30%. If you want to know more about accessing our vast netowrk of businesses, business owners, CEOs, CFOs, and facility managers,please call our office and ask. 855-270-3300.