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Energy Lighting Services is dedicated to designing, installing, and maintaining the most energy efficient lighting systems on the planet.

We are the commercial lighting contractor you’ve been looking for.

About ELS

WHO ARE WE? Founded in 2010, we are a full-service commercial lighting contractor and electrical services company.

WHAT DO WE DO? We design, install, and maintain the most energy efficient commercial lighting systems on the planet.

WHAT IS OUR MISSION? Our mission is to save our customers the maximum amount of money possible on operating expenses related to lighting systems.

WHAT IS OUR SPECIALTY? We offer cash flow positive, zero money out-of-pocket projects for commercial clients who want to retrofit to LEDs without the capital expense.

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO? Because businesses have more important things to spend their money on than high electric bills and bad lighting systems.

Strategic Partnerships


Jason Duncan - President/CEO

Brock Newby - General Manager

Administration and Finances

Nina Coomes - Director of Administration & Finance

Jackie Cline - Staffing Coordinator & Admin Asst

Sales & Customer Relations

Patrick John - Chief Happiness Officer

Brett Farley - Lighting Services Consultant

Brina Miller - Marketing and Brand Strategy

Project Development 

Ricky Arras, LC - Director of Project Development

James Britt - Project Development Coordinator

Project Management

Douglas Wilson - Senior Project Manager

Sperry Jones - Assistant Project Manager

Electrical Services

Brendon Lombardi - Director of Electrical Services

Alex Allen - Service Electrician

Alex Allen
ELS Installation Technician

Alex is a proud South Carolina native. She graduated from Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy and at the top of her class at Bright Wood College with a degree in electrical science. She come from a long line of electricians and is proud to be one. She’s done handyman and construction work for many years and enjoy building things and fixing things with her bear hands. Alex is a diehard Clemson fan. She enjoys anything that has to do with the great outdoors especially fishing. Alex lives in Nolensville with her partner, three kids and their dogs. She likes being part of a growing company and knowing that she’s had some small part in helping it succeed. Alex is proud to have recently achieved her LLE lisence.


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