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Energy Lighting Services will open a second business office in Sacramento California. Jason Duncan, CEO of Energy Lighting Services (ELS) is partnering with fellow business owner Lucas Robinson for the expansion. Robinson founded and currently runs an e-commerce business called Web Life Stores. We sat down with Jason to find out how this partnership came to be and what we can expect from ELS in the future.

Hello Jason! Thanks for taking the time to tell us about this exciting new expansion. To start us off, can you briefly explain how you got this idea, and what made you want to put it into action?  

I was introduced to Lucas Robinson through a mutual colleague in the summer of 2018. After meeting Lucas and discussing our mutual goals as fellow entrepreneurs, he shared with me his desire to get into the LED lighting space. He had built several successful businesses and saw LED lighting projects as a big growth opportunity. Not wanting to compete with us or start something from scratch, he proposed that we launch a joint venture to open an ELS office in Sacramento that he would help operate. With my desire for growth and expansion, this seemed like a natural fit.

What potential do you see for ELS in the Sacramento Market?

The West Coast–California in particular–offers a tremendous opportunity for the growth of the LED retrofit market due to the heightened awareness of carbon emissions and the need for energy consumption reduction. With the team that Lucas already has in place in Sacramento and his strategic connections on the West Coast, capitalization of this market in California should be swift and successful.

That does sound like a lot of great potential. With that, what are you most excited about?

It is exciting to see the brand we’ve built over these past nine years here in Tennessee grow to expand across the U.S. While we have completed projects in 16 states to date, we still don’t have brand awareness nationwide. I think this is the first big leap in creating an opportunity for the ELS brand to be recognized as the LED project experts all across the United States.

Change can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. Is there anything that concerns you about this expansion?

Honestly, I am concerned about brand control. I have been diligent to grow and manage this brand each day over the past nine years. Brand control and brand management was fairly easy since I was in the office and see how we operate daily. Now that we will have an office 2300 miles away in which I will not be operating daily, I am concerned about how I will help manage the brand and keep it consistent with what we’ve built here in Nashville. That being said, with the fabulous people Lucas has in place in Sacramento, these concerns are not a big deal.

How do you plan to help the Sacramento office continue the positive company culture you’ve built here in Tennessee?

Like I alluded to in the previous question, my physical presence as the Founder has made building and developing our amazing company culture much easier than if I were not present. It is one of my goals to make sure that our company culture is maintained even as we expand to a new office in California. That being said, had I not been so impressed with Lucas and the companies he’s built and the amazing company culture he’s developed, I wouldn’t have agreed to launch this joint venture in the first place. I’m confident that he and our Sacramento President, Fred Butson, will help foster the ELS brand culture in the same way I would as if I were on site in Sacramento every day.

What are you looking for in the ELSSAC team? Anything different from what you usually look for in our Tennessee team? If so, why?

No matter where the team members live and no matter where they work out of, we have the same high expectations for their performance and participation in the company culture. This means that our hiring process will be identical to what we’ve practiced in Tennessee since inception. The goals and expectations won’t be altered just because the office will be on the other side of the country.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! We are very excited to see how this all plays out.


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